Temporary Outdoor Portable Walkway Flooring


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Temporary Outdoor Portable Walkway Flooring 330mm x 165mm x 18mm

The sheer variety of uses for Temporary Outdoor Portable Walkway Flooring makes it one of the most adaptable systems available. Temporary Outdoor Portable Walkway Flooring enables you to achieve more in different ways than any other decking system.

You have an advantage from the moment you choose Temporary Outdoor Portable Walkway Flooring for your flooring applications. The materials used in manufacture are engineering grade plastic that will not expand in heat or break easily. As a result of this Temporary Outdoor Portable Walkway Flooring can take massive weights and strains enabling a greater range of use.

Tried and tested by leading organisations such as the Ministry of Defence, HSS Event Hire, Fantasia, Alcatel, Lotus Motorsport, The National Trust and IMG; Temporary Marquee Flooring is ready and able to help you to get your customers to where they need to go and protect the ground they are on for any event.

Key Applications and industry sectors

  • Event & Marquee Flooring
  • Hard Standing and Military Compounds
  • Emergency Field Hospitals,
  • Ship storage marine systems,
  • Temporary & Semi-Permanent wheel chair access
  • Motorsport,
  • Film Production
  • Pedestrian Pathways for National Trust Events.

Key Features

  • No specialist tools required for installation or extraction, which makes Temporary Marquee Flooring quick and easy to use.
  • Provides a firm, stable & safe surface to work with
  • Ability to protect underlying turf for up to 21 days of constant use.
  • ISO9002 certified assuring quality of product and service.
  • Can be deployed over most surfaces. (Grass, Sand, Soil, Snow, Gravel, Concrete, Tarmac)
  • Disperses heavy loads on firm surfaces such as grass to minimise traffic impact and damage.
  • Manufactured from High Impact materials that gives it superb strength.. (Tested to 37,500kg / m2, static load)
  • The material gives the panels a high temperature stability and safe operating range. (-40 to +40 degrees c)
  • Extremely light and portable. (Only 4 kg per m2)
  • Material specific standard of fire retardant. (From UL94HB to V0 as required)
  • A non-slip and non-reflective surface for pedestrian safety.
  • The hinges are designed to minimise allowing safe wheelchair access.
  • Each panel drains, dispersing excess fluid from the surface.
  • The canopy under each panel allows your grass to survive happily for long periods underneath. (Tested at 30 deg for 21 days)
  • (18 tiles per sqm) 

Dimensions (mm):

Length 330
Width 165
Thickness 18
Tile Specification:
Weight (kg) 3.5 pers sqm
Max Bearing Power (ton) 1 (15-20 per sqm static)
Material High Impact Polymers


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