Rubber Mulch Play Bark Chippings

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Our Rubber Bark Chippings are now 100% manufactured from recycled tyres. Similarly the chippings consist of a very uniform particles ensuring ultimate safety along with a wonderful, high quality appearance.

Produced using advanced processing equipment results in this product being 99% wire free! 

With most applications our Rubber Chippings only need to be applied at a depth of 50mm resulting in only half the amount required compared to other play surfacings.

The 500kg bag will cover 25 sq metres at a depth of 50mm (2\'')
The 260kg bag will cover 13 sq metres at a depth of 50mm (2")
The 120kg bag bundle will cover 6 sq metres at a depth of 50mm (2")
The 20kg bag will cover 1 sq metres at a depth of 50mm (2")
A 500kg bag is approximately 1.2 cubic metres
The critical fall height (CFH) for the Rubber Chippings is as follows:
50mm depth: 1.1 metres critical fall height
100mm depth: 2.7 metres critical fall height
Prices include vat and delivery to Mainland UK.
This product is also a popular choice for shop window displays and similar areas where a luxurious, long lasting apprearance is desired.



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