Ground Reinforcement Grid For Drives That Locks Gravel Tight In A Grid


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  • Eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Suitable for any areas needing ground or grass protection
  • Versatile interlocking base for sheds, greenhouses, cabins and driveway installation
  • Infill with gravel, sand, soil or grass

The Expresspave Ground Reinforcement Grid is a simple legal solution for homeowners and builders wanting to use gardens for parking, replace an existing driveway or simply provide an attractive low maintenance multi-function area.

Manufactured in the UK from 100% recycled material that will not crack, corrode,  rot or splinter.

Filled with attractive coloured stone, pea gravel or seeded soil, the finished aspect is aesthetically pleasing; making Expresspave particularly suitable for locations where the introduction of hard landscaping would visually impact  the natural surroundings.


Migration is prevented as the frost and UV resistant Expresspave system will remain dimensionally stable in all climatic conditions. It is the ideal choice for all locations requiring erosion prevention, ground reinforcement and/or stabilization.


It is extremely versatile and being easy to cut will not impede the planting of trees and shrubbery or the inclusion of railings, fences and other physical barriers.

Since 1st October 2008, if a new driveway or parking area is constructed using a permeable surface or if any water is able to soak into the ground you will not require planning permission ( saving £150 application fee and avoiding a wait of up to 8 weeks for a decision). New rules apply to had surfaces exceeding 2 square meter in area, and also to existing hard standings that are being replaced




  • Quick and easy to install
  • Surface reinforcement
  • Non-slip and crack proof
  • Frost and UV resistant
  • Prevents gravel migration
  • Up to 16 tonne axle load
  • Lightweight
  • Natural Drainage
  • Weatherproof
  • Cut to size
  • Sustainable
  • Non expanding
  • Proven connection system
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Dimensionally stable
  • High strength (up to 205 t/m2)
  • Low transport & handling costs




  • Construction Sites
  • Golf Courses
  • Livestock facilities
  • River & road embankment
  • Embankment stabilization
  • Green car parking areas
  • Landscapes
  • Green roof & rooftop gardens
  • Towpaths & cycle routes
  • Emergency access routes
  • Pathways & Drives
  • Equestrian facilities
  • Private airfields
  • Residential driveway
  • Helicopter pad





Grid Area                           330 x 330 x 40mm

Load capacity                     Up to 250 tpmmers/m2

Axle weight                        Up to 16 tonne

Material                             100% recycled UV Stable polyefin from

                                        UK sources

Temperature Stability         -50 to +90º C

Chemical Resistance          Sodium Chloride (rocksalt) ammonia,

                                       Acid rain petroleum based products

                                        Any hydrocarbons

Base Specifications               Minimum base recommended: 250mm

                                          For car parking. 450mm for parking heavier vehicles

Suggested Usage                  General purpose domestic parking,

                                           Filling with gravel or grass filling:

                                           Overflow parking; ground stabilisation

                                           For footpaths, golf courses parking areas on airstrips, 

                                           banks and ditches, paddocks and farms, 

                                           high wear gateways, green roofs.


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