ExpressPave Driveway Reinforcement

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  • Eco-friendly and lightweight
  • Suitable for any areas needing ground or grass protection
  • Versatile interlocking base for sheds, greenhouses, cabins and driveway installation
  • Infill with gravel, sand, soil or grass

This interlocking ground and grass reinforcement product is successfully used in many applications, including construction sites, green car parking areas, private lanes and access roads (including emergency access), pathways and drives, golf courses, landscapes, equestrian and livestock facilities, green roof and rooftop gardens, river and road embankments, private airfields.

  • Quick and easy to install reducing on site costs (up to 100m2 per person per hour)
  • Can be fi lled with many materials including grass seed, gravel, stones, earth and sand
  • Lightweight, non slip, crack proof, frost and UV resistant
  • Proven connection system
  • Prevents gravel migration and is high strength (up to 250t/m2)
  • Up to 16 tonne axle load
  • Manufactured in the UK from 100% UK waste
  • 100% recyclable
  • Used as a plinth under decking and sheds
  • French Drain for garden sheds - fi ll with pea gravel to create a French drain which prevents soil debris on timber and splash backs from rain water
  • Greenhouse soakaway
  • Log Cabin base - add pea gravel to the Flexipave panels to create a secure base


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